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Dialy Self-Managed Mentor & Inspiration Program (5-Days Per Week) | Free For PAS Planner Owners


The PAS Daily Mentorship & Inspiration Program is a 5-days per week program designed and developed to facilitate personal and business skills growth.
Throughout the program, we’ll be studying the best advice from the world’s top mentors and success stories.

Owners of a PAS Planner receives this program free of charge.

Program Includes
  • Word of The Day
  • Daily Mentorship Video featuring information:
    • Lesson of the Day
    • Notes
    • Quote of the Day
    • Question(s) to Ponder
    • Implementation Strategies
Why Use The Daily Mentorship & Inspiration Program?
  • The PAS Daily Mentorship & Inspiration Program is an additional benefit to helping our Exclusive Members make the most of their PAS Planners.
  • You spend valuable money on your PAS Planner, therefore, it’s important to us that you fully utilize all the powerful tools and sections of your PAS Planner.
    Through the daily mentorship program you have access to additional information, tools, tips, and the word-of-the-day, so that you don’t have to spend time finding these.
  • We focus on personal and business development to help you accelerate your skills and abilities.
  • Undated so that you can start the program any time of the year.
  • It’s a 5-day a week program. Weekends are considered off time. But you can adapt the 5-day a week program as per your own needs. Complete each days inspirational content as per your daily needs.


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